Sixers’ Iconic black jersey worn during Allen Iverson era poised to be back in the near future

The iconic black jersey that gave a dazzling identity to the Allen Iverson generation is likely to be slated by the Philadelphia 76ers for a comeback in the near future.

According to Matt Breen of the Philadelphia Inquirer, these nostalgic threads might not be utilized yet by the franchise for the upcoming season due to the absence of authorization from the league to wear throwback gear.

But it is safe to assume that once the association permits the Sixers to do so, the said uniform will be included in conversations for potential alternate jerseys.

They won’t be worn next season to coincide with the 25th anniversary as the Sixers are not one of the teams authorized by the league to wear a throwback — or “classic” — uniform in 2022-23. But it’s safe to assume that the black uniforms are in the conversation to be worn as alternates the next time the Sixers are allowed to do so.

“I would be ecstatic,” said Tom O’Grady, who designed the jerseys 25 years ago. “I think the fans would be happy. I think it would be good. It doesn’t have to be the dominant uniform, but maybe for Saturday games or special games. It wouldn’t feel forced. They had a run, they went to the Finals in that uniform. It’s not foreign to the Philly fans.”

This black jersey, together with a brand-new logo, was adapted by Philly following the 1996-1997 season to spark a new era being led by Iverson.

After seasons of disappointment, the Sixers went on to become an emerging Eastern Conference heavyweight, ultimately nailing a historical 2001 NBA Finals run behind the inspiring MVP campaign of the hall of famer.

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