New Feedback Pro Mechanic HD workstand is bigger, tougher & clampier

If your fleet is slowly becoming filled with e-bikes, whether it’s commuters or eMTBs, or just rife with bigger, bolder enduro bikes, you may need a tougher workstand.

The Feedback Sports Pro Mechanic HD workstand is it. Rated to 160 pounds (54.4kg), it’ll hold any e-bike (or even a cargo bike!). And with more clamping and holding power, it’ll keep them firmly in place at whatever angle you need to work from.

feedback sports pro mechanic hd workstand

Up top, an oversized knob makes it easier to loosen and swivel the clamp arm. Inside, a stronger clutch then holds it in a better position.

The clamp itself opens wider, holding tubes up to 2.6″ in diameter. It, too, is stronger, and it gets replaceable rubber pads inside.

feedback sports pro mechanic hd workstand

The 6061 alloy frame is still light despite being 145% stiffer than the Pro Elite. More angular legs add strength and support, helping stabilize heavier bikes. The main pole retains its height adjustment, too.

The stand weighs just 18lbs and packs down to just 8″ x 45″. They offer a water-resistant carry bag for it, making it easy to travel with.

feedback sports pro mechanic hd workstand

All of the touch points and levers and controls are bigger than before. For those who’ve used one of Feedback’s stands before, you’ll appreciate that the clamp ratchet knob now closes it 60% faster than before.

It’ll have a 3-year warranty when it starts shipping this October. MSRP is $495.

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