Wolf Tooth Releases 107 BCD Chainrings for SRAM Cranks!

Wolf Tooth Components, the team that brought you that kick-ass EDC tool I reviewed recently, has released a new chainring option for SRAM cranks. The new chainrings will be available in 38-42T (elliptical flavor) and 36-44T (round flavor). Photo: Wolf Tooth Components. Elliptical, 107bcd chainring for SRAM Wolf Tooth says “This chainring is compatible with … Read more

SCOR MTB release 0020 and 0024 Kids Mountain Bikes

SCOR MTB, a skunkworks division of BMC, has released two children’s mountain bikes; the 0020 with 20″ wheels, and the 0024 with 24″ wheels. Both frames are fabricated from a lightweight double-butted aluminum tubeset, and are fully rigid, with the only trail chatter damping coming from the high-volume Kenda Booster 2.4” tires. The 20″ caters … Read more

Video: Honza Faistaver finds his Utopia on Knolly Bikes

From Knolly Bikes: “Utopia is defined as an imagined place or state of things in which everything is perfect. Honza Faistaver is a Czech rider who has been traveling the world in search of the perfect riding destination, a mountain biker’s “Utopia”. To his excitement, Honza believes to have finally found just that, here in … Read more

Standert Kreissäge RS scandium alloy road bike goes all in!

Standert has updated their popular made-in-Italy Kreissäge RS scandium alloy road bike to be faster and lighter than ever, now also with completely stealth routing. The Dedacciai scandium bike already featured oversized tubing, so it was a rather simple new Deda headset setup to go fully internal with cable routing. Plus, Standert say they’ve boosted … Read more