Daniel Jung Pre-2022 Hardrock 100 Interview – iRunFar

Italy’s Daniel Jung is so excited to be running the 2022 Hardrock 100. In the following interview, our first with Dani, get to know his history with soccer and mountain biking before trail running, his preferences for longer and more difficult ultramarathons, how he feels to be participating in Hardrock, and his huge summer of … Read more

High Lonesome 2022 Case Study – iRunFar

For plenty of my races, I’ll simply back off the training a couple days out before reading the event website and packing my gear the night before and that’s fine by me. However, if I’ve got a 100 miler that I’m focusing on, I might start my final preparations up to a month in advance. … Read more

2022 Hardrock 100 Live Coverage – iRunFar

The 2022 Hardrock 100 begins in downtown Silverton, Colorado at 6 am US Mountain Daylight Time on Friday, July 15. From there, 145 runners will have 48 hours to traverse the 100 miles and 33,000-plus feet of gain in this year’s clockwise loop back to Silverton, where they’ll kiss the rock to stop the clock. … Read more

A Commitment to Poles Made for Runners – iRunFar

When it comes to moving quickly and smoothly over difficult mountainous terrain, it’s hard to deny the advantage that poles can provide. Founded in 1948, LEKI entered the pole market with a commitment to creating improved ski pole grips and baskets. In 1974, they created the world’s first adjustable hiking pole, and in 2013, LEKI … Read more

Maggie Guterl Pre-2022 Hardrock 100 Interview – iRunFar

Maggie Guterl adds strength and toughness to the 2022 Hardrock 100 women’s field. In the following interview, Maggie talks about why she’s attracted to events that are particularly long and difficult, how living locally has allowed her to get to know the Hardrock course and its surrounding San Juan Mountains, and how she’s trying to … Read more

BUBS Collagen Protein Powder Review

I was excited to try BUBS Collagen Protein Powder. I’ve been a huge fan of collagen for several years. Why? Collagen is one of the few supplements I take, and I notice a difference. I’ve written several collagen-related blogs, including: So, needless to say, I was excited to try BUBS Collagen Protein Powder and see … Read more